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How to Get Cryostasis Free

A $40 value on a pretty solid game, NVIDIA is giving away Cryostasis.

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Register here and get a key code.
  2. Checkout with the game here and use the code to pay for it.
  3. Download the game.

Here’s what others said about the process:

Once registered go back to the first link here MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN.
Log in, and make sure you stay logged in, After you registered or Logined in, close the Internet Explorer, then use the link again. the code will be appeared on the page once you open the link again (not email). I got one, thanks

Click the button to redeem code.

With code in hand click here [], add game to cart and checkout. Use code in promo code box, apply and download.
The download link is in the “order confirmed” page. It leads to an executable downloader file.